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Vegan Meat Substitues…Tempeh

on February 17, 2012

When you start browsing through vegan and vegetarian cookbooks, you may find you don’t always know what the ingredients are.  At least I didn’t so I thought over the next several posts I would define some of the commonly used meat substitutes. 

One that I found interesting and in many recipes was Tempeh.  It is a whole soy product that is fermented and then bound into a firm patty.  It proves to be an excellent source of fiber, protein and vitamins which makes it an excellent addition to a vegan diet. 

The taste can be described as mushroom like with a meaty texture.  It is popularly used in dishes such as “hamburger patties”, tacos, chili or simply broken apart and fried. 

While I have not yet tasted it, I am definitely going to keep my eyes open and try it when I see it.  That would be the largest obstacle, at least in my area, it is not something that is easily found. 


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