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What if I Fail?

on February 2, 2012

Making a significant change be an extremely overwhelming and daunting task.  Therefore, many choose to simply not change.  Get out of the failure mindset and sit down and think about what it is you really want and expect from yourself, and then simply make a plan.  I’m talking about physically sitting down with a pen and paper and asking yourself some questions.  Once you answer them, your goals seem to naturally follow. This is true in any aspect of your life, but today, I am applying this to diet and exercise. 

Some of the questions I asked myself when we started this move toward vegan are as follows:

1.  What do you want to eliminate from your diet?
2.  What do you want to allow in your diet? How often?
3.  What am I working toward? Why am I doing this?
4.  Am I counting calories? Monitoring portions? How am I going to do this?
5.  What kind of support do I need?
6.  What am I willing to invest? How much time? Money?
7.  How much do I want to exercise? What kind? What to I want to achieve physically?

I have asked myself these questions and honestly things will change as you go along.  We have refined our list in several areas, getting more specific with time. 

My breakdown: 
Eliminating meat except for allowing fish once a week.
Eliminating dairy and eggs except for occasional fat free cheese (1-2x/week). 
Eating as close to natural as possible, reducing sugars, fats, and sodium. 
We don’t count calories but do like to monitor results thru online app.
My husband and I are committed and support each other in this and agree to moving our children this direction as well (very slowly I might add).
I am willing to invest extra weekend time to meal planning and cooking/freezing for the week, investing time in research and reading labels and now blogging.
We are committed to once a month meetings with other vegans to help keep us on track and learn new things. 
Exercise has been my challenge, but I do hope to keep working toward running a 10k by the end of this year, and do a few 5k mud runs too =)

Write out your answers and start mapping out how you want to get there. Don’t expect to magically one day be vegan and working out 6 days/week for an hour if that is not realistic.  Start small.  Many start with “meatless mondays” and add from there.  Whatever you choose, have a strategy, and success will follow.

Good Luck!


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