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Let Me Introduce Myself

on January 31, 2012

My name is Tracy and I am a happily married mother of two beautiful girls. Like most I have lived the last 30 something years of my life eating the SAD (Standard American Diet) consisting of alot of fat and sugars.

Long gone are the young and beautiful days where I could eat what I want, spend long days playing with friends and still look fabulous! In my twenties, I was studying hard and planning a wedding.  More dining out followed, and playing turned into “working out” which is just what is says…work.  Late twenties into mid-thirties,  I now have two lovely kids who are too old to say I need to lose “baby weight” anymore. After a days work and taking care of the home and kids, my “work out” has been replaced by a glass of red wine and mindlessly watching tv or a quiet moment reading a book. Needless to say, fast food and no exercise has caught up with us, causing excess weight, blood pressure and cholesterol issues.

Luckily, my husband is an advocate for our health and signed us up for a national education program called CHIP ( Complete Health Improvement Program) that was being offered thru a local hospital.This program gave us the education we needed to make informed decesions about our health.  This is what ultimately put us on the path to the vegan lifestyle.  I hate to even use the term “vegan” to describe myself because it stirs up such a stereotype. We simply are trying to eliminate cholesterol, fats and sugars from our diet.

I have scoured the internet for recommendations and recipes and have decided to share some things that I have learned that might help others on the path to health.  I am definately not a professional, I am learning by time, trial and error.  I hope you will enjoy my blogs, please don’t attack me if I am not a “vegan” in the truest sense of the word. I still wear leather, enjoy a good prime rib from time to time, and have moments of utter failure. I want this to be a safe place that can help you reach your goals in health, whatever they may be.

Thanks for reading,



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